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About the film

The Stars of Chumaks is a fulldome film (film for planetariums) whose purpose is, to spread knowledge of Ukraine's historical, cultural and astronomy heritage.
The film is a tribute to the Chumaks -  the wandering Ukrainian merchants, who played a significant role in Ukrainian life and culture.  It is based on research or the Ukrainian people `s astronomy.


The film is distributed free of charge to spread the knowledge of Ukrainian culture.

Two full-dome animation studios collaborated on this project – the Sky Elephant (led by the project's producer, Eugenia Lenda) and the Astros (under the guidance of the film`s 
director, Kira Makohon).

The project was implemented with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation support.

The English site version is under development now. Here will be much more information about the film itself and about Ukrainian People`s astronomy we have on the Ukrainian version.



Kira Makogon


Eugenia Lenda


Nata Zakharchuk


Victoria Limaeva
Oksana Andrienko
Olexander Gorbyk
Rostislav Radchenko


Taras Shevchenko


Maxim Ryapulov
Ivan Cheban



The Stars of Chumaks is not a regular film, but a spherical, or a fulldome one.


That means it's created for a hemispherical screen.

In a regular cinema, the movie is flat - it is shown on a flat screen that is in front of the viewer.

There is a hemispherical screen in each planetarium. This type of screen together with fulldome projection system creates the amazing immersive effect without using any additional devices.

Fulldome art is a relatively new genre that arose from the enthusiasm of the Australian scientist Paul Bourke, who invented how to transform the image for the best possible display on the ceiling of the planetarium.

All modern planetariums are equipped with systems for displaying such films, and moreover, even some schools have their mini-planetariums with the fulldome or spherical mirror projection system. The number of such schools in increasing both in Ukraine and in the world!